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“Together creating a better word for all!”
“Together creating a better word for all!”
“We all share this planet, let's be kind and respectful to our home”

Sponsor a new member

  • Each project comes with a book and 6 to 8 lesson plans to do adult-child.
  • A great opportunity to share and learn together.  
  • The new member will be assigned a Good heart leader that will guide the children through the process.
  • When the project is completed the Good Heart Leader will graduate the children becoming a member of the good heart citizen community.
  • Their name will appear in the member’s list of our webpage.
  • Members could participate in the different events that we will create to help our community.
  • They also need to collect good heart actions and sending us pictures, drawings or videos that show them being kind.
  • That will be posted in the good heart action hall of the fame. 
  • Every 52 good actions sent, members will be promote to a higher level until they will become a good heart community leaders.

One Good heart citizen new member cost $40. 

  • A ten Good Heart Citizens Team cost $400.
  • You can sponsor between 1 to 50 teams.
  • (If you want to certify your Company go to sponsors application) 

Sponsored a team of 20 or more Good heart Citizens?

  • You will receive a Company certification From Big Minds -  Happy Hearts(BMHH) as a Good heart leader and and conscious company.
  • Your team will have your company name.
  • Your logo will appear in BMHH web page.  
  • Each Good Heart Citizen Diploma will have yourcompany logo.
  • Your Company will have a space in the web page to write a message on your name to inspire our new generation.
  • Your company will be allowed to graduate the new Good Heart Citizens and share with their families why yourare a good heart company.
  • You can use Good Heart Citizens logo in order to show in your company image (web page, brochures, presentations etc) that you are Good Heart Company. 
  • You will get a 44NC3 tax exempt receive for the amount donated.

Remember: for every project that you donate we donate another one. Together making a change!

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If you are kind, kindness will shine around you and reflect onto others!