Our 9 Month Eco-ricculum

We developed a 9 month curriculum going from macro to micro teaching some of the most important environmental concerns we are currently facing. Each month has a specific topic with 4 classes developed giving background information on the topic and experiential methods of teaching it.


The first month explains how great Planet Earth is. Earth is the only planet that provides life for us, it is made of water and land which are both equally crucial to maintain the balance of life, if anything happened to either of those a lot would be jeopardized. This gives students an understanding of our planet, focusing on Earths key components and showing its importance with the goal of making students become fascinated by the wonders of the Earth and how it is perfectly balanced to work together. Creating a sense of nurture towards our planet.

The next 8 months focuses on specific topics. Each topic explains different things that are happening on Planet Earth which are also causing implications to the land and water we need to maintain life. Pollution, Greenhouse gases, importance of trees, importance of the ocean, over-fishing, climate change, pesticides, and so on.

We are a non-profit organization,  that gives schools and classrooms this curriculum free of cost, our purpose is to create awareness and educate our youth to grow being aware of everything that is happening around them and have this foundation of love and fascination towards the world instilled in each person and place our planet Earth in the right hands.