Founders Natalia & Luisa Montano

Founders Natalia & Luisa Montano

How We Started

Part of Big Minds Happy Hearts, Planet Patrol began in January 2016. The video Human World by Remi Gaillard had recently come out and sparked consciousness on a teacher working at Aguamarina Preschool which gave her the drive to teach others what she had just learned, impact others the way she had also been impacted.

It then continued to the production of a different video with different stars. Students of a very special PK 4 classroom. The video being used as the teaching method, touched topics such as pollution, shark finning, trophy killing, and animals in captivity. The original intent was simply to teach, generate this video with kids as the new voice using recycled materials, and share it. Period. That was until the impact it had on the students over powered the content in the video.

Those 4 and 5 year olds involved were who inspired this organization. Those 4 and 5 year olds began asking their parents to carry gloves in their bags so they could pick up any trash they saw, they declined going into aquariums while already being in line before realizing where they were, they talked about their fascination towards animals and saving the planet in their spontaneous talks. They started to become Planet Patrols.

This result is what generated the continuation of these teachings to not impact 12 students in a PK 4 class but to impact students all over the world. That is why we generated an eco-rriculum and set of videos to share with other teachers, students, and families. To educate others on what is happening in our great Planet Earth and how easy it is to plant a seed in others to grow with a foundation of respect towards all things living and not.

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The Video That Inspired Us!