Want to Participate?

It is so simple! You can participate in any of this ways:

Family Project

Become a member of the community. You can choose the project that you are more interested in.
All about us, Me, the water, I’m Kind & cool or Mi isla, Cozumel.
Each project is $40.

It includes:
Book, lesson plans, Good heart leader guide, diploma, pin and your name in the Good heart citizens community. Of course your good action in the hall of the fame!

School Project

An interested school could be certified by Big minds Happy hearts as a Good heart citizen leader and graduate as many students that they want.

It includes:
A Book for student, lesson plans, Good heart leader guide, A diploma and pin for each student and their teacher. The schools name will be the team name. The team and member’s name will be posted in our web page. The schools name will be posted in the web page and the school could use our logo to show that they are a Good heart school. Of course many of the school’s members good actions will be posted n the hall of the fame!

Each member of the group will cost $40.

Sometimes we have available sponsors funds to finance the project. Please ask us about that.

Being a Sponsor

You can sponsor as many new good heart citizens members.
You will receive a Company certification From Big Minds -  Happy Hearts(BMHH) as a Good heart leader and and conscious company. 
Your team will have your company name.
Your logo will appear in BMHH web page. 
Each Good Heart Citizen Diploma will have yourcompany logo.
Your Company will have a space in the web page to write a message on your name to inspire our new generation.
Your company will be allowed to graduate the new Good Heart Citizens and share with their families why yourare a good heart company.
You can use Good Heart Citizens logo in order to show in your company image (web page, brochures, presentations etc) that you are a Good Heart Company.
You will get a 44NC3 tax exempt receive for the amount donated.

One Good heart citizen new member cost $40.
A ten Good Heart Citizens Team cost $400. You can sponsor between 1 to 50 teams.
(If you want to certify your Company go to sponsors application)



Make a Donation

For every $40 a child receives one project including; book, lesson plan, diploma, Good Heart Citizen’s pin, and becomes a member of the GHC community and a leader will be assigned to guide and motivate each member.