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Planet Patrol was asked to host 2 assemblies at MAST Academy in September 2019.

The assemblies totaled in over 800 students who voluntarily attended to learn about the causes of climate change, how it affects them living in Florida, and what initiatives they can take on to change our future.

“Our coast is at sea level, can you imagine what would happen if the sea level continued to rise like it’s projected to? It puts us Floridians in a vulnerable situation”  Luisa, Founder of Planet Patrol spoke.

The assemblies focused spreading consciousness and awareness, but mainly on empowering all of the MAST students to use their voice and speak up for what they believe in. “The most important thing you have is your voice. I am one person, one 24 year old girl, who is passionate about our planet, using my voice to spread this same passion to all 400 of you.”  Luisa spoke. Mentioning that just because you think you are one person turning off the lights, doesn’t mean another 3 billions people are doing the same, it all makes a difference!

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It followed by asking them to give their opinions on what simple solutions they could start with at home. Here are some of the solutions the middle and high schoolers mentioned:

“It is amazing seeing someone young use their voice for such a good cause, it was really inspiring and makes me want to do the same.”

“Fossil fuels are honestly the worst. We need to stop that trend the same way we need to end the plastic product trend. It’s as easy as switching to reusable and renewable.”

“Today I learned trees are a carbon sink, maybe if more people learn this they will stop cutting them.” 


Here is a link below from Islander News to learn more about the event.

Planet Patrol event at MAST

Nearly 800 students packed MAST Academy's auditorium on Friday, Sept. 20, to join Planet Patrol, a nonprofit part of Big Minds Happy Hearts that educates youth about causes of environmental issues and climate change.

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