Children are participating in the making of their own videos to have published and become Planet Patrols. This package includes a member from the Planet Patrol studio helping them edit and finalize their production of this video to publish it and spread the word.



Recycle bins will be given to a classroom where the students can learn 1 on 1 how simple it is to classify and recycle every day objects they use during activities and snacks/lunch such as plastic, bottle caps, wrappers, chip/zip-loc bags, yogurt containers, paper, and more!

This package also comes with a Planet Patrol video and a class activity! This is all given to the classroom to help teach and explain why it is important to recycle to the students.



Donate an “eco-rriculum” to a school of your choice! The more children and families we engage to make our planet a better place, the better off we will be.


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Please provided intended package you wish to make your donation towards in the description, if you have a specific school you want this donation to go to, or a separate desired amount. Thank you!

If you have any other ideas on ways we can help create more Planet Patrols and lead our donations to other causes e-mail us! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization part of Big Minds Happy Hearts- all donations are fully tax deductible.