Planet Patrol created an Eco-rriculum!

What is an Eco-rriculum? Think of it as a pop up Ecology class. Our Eco-rriculum is a program written for schools focused teaching children about the importance of our planet Earth and designed for making the implementation of this important subject into their classes as easy as possible.

It is an 8 month program with 8 different topics, one for each month. Ex. Pollution, deforestation, overfishing, etc. Each topic comes with 4 classes, one class per week.

The purpose of our Eco-rriculum is for consciousness and knowledge about our planet and its importance to be spread through out our next generation. Making our children conscious about how incredible our planet Earth is and how even the smallest actions can cause changes through fun classes and lots of experiments.

Click the image to view a sample our eco-rriculum!

Our eco-rriculum includes:

8 topics, 1 topic a month.

4 classes per topic, 4 classes a month.

Basic background information for the teachers to understand the topics.

The purpose of children learning the topics/end result of knowledge.

Fun experiential activities as the topics teaching method.

Links to real life videos showing how it is happening on our Earth.

All videos made by Planet Patrol in a CD.

Some materials necessary for classes. (it would be stated in the materials section if we provide it)

A Planet Patrols hat and pin per student.