Produce a Video

The original video was created by a PK 4 classroom. The impact it created in the students, teachers, and parents became our motivation to want to keep this growing, growing with passion!

Now.. how do we spread this passion to continue helping our planet? By having you create one of your own videos and becoming a Planet Patrol!

There are 8 prepared topics for you to chose from, you are also welcome to use a topic of your choice as long as it involves making our planet a better place, give us the topic you like and if it is approved we will write up the script for you.

You will then be given a guideline on how the project begun, what you should know/teach for each topic, how to create costumes and scenery, the main message to be conveyed by each scene.. Everything ย you and any other actors can use to gradually get in your own creative space to begin your own interpretation of this project. The only requisite is anything made must be done using recycled material.

Having everything understood, lights, camera, action. Time to begin filming! Do not worry if you run into any doubts or question throughout this amazing journey, as a Planet Patrol Producer you will have priority access to speak to a Planet Patrol at any time!

Once youโ€™ve finished filming, you have 2 options:

1– Planet Patrols can teach you how to become an editing genius using iMovie providing you with the tools and tips needed to put together your own video.

2– You can ask our Planet Patrol Studio for help.

There we collect all of your footage, put it together, and edit it for you- giving you and the participants all of the credit deserved for the making of this video.

No matter what option you chose, at the end your fantastic video will be published on our website! Giving you enormous recognition and a prize for taking such great initiative to become part of the Planet Patrol family, a family with a desire to leave positive footprints in every step taken.