Why it matters

Pollution by definition is:

decompose copysAny substance introduced to the environment that creates any harmful or negative effect. Basically, pollution is anything that makes our Earth dirty or unhealthy.

Pollution can come from many different substances, smokeautomobiles release, fossil fuel burning, trash left on the ground, chemicals released by factories, oil drilling, the list goes on. All of these and more, are harmful for the planet as they dirty the air we breathe, damage the health of animals habitats, places animals at risk of being exposed to trash and ingesting it, injures animals, makes our beaches and parks dirty, even makes people in certain countries have to walk around with a mask to not breathe in the excess of pollution!


14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped in the ocean every year.

Pollution kills 100 million mammals a year
1 million seabirds every year.
300,000 dolphins and porpoises


Plastic pollution is a very serious threat.
Animals get stuck in plastic bags, and plastic beverage holders, other animals eat plastic confusing it for their food.
Also, plastic does not decompose. It never fully disappears, it continuously breaks into smaller and smaller pieces through out time. That same plastic also absorbs any toxic chemicals it isexposed to harming anything that eats it not just by possibly choking, but now by poisoning.


Besides pollution affecting the animals and our health, it affects our planet.

Our atmosphere keeps Earths temperature stable through the greenhouse effect. This is when Earths natural gases trap the suns heat so when it is night time and we do not receive direct sunlight we are still warm. We are releasing too many gases through air pollution into our Earths atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and methane trapping an excess of heat which is the cause of global warming and climate change. You can read more about climate change here.


We use many things a day, yogurt containers, boxes, paper, the list goes on and onnnn. What we have to do is be smart about what we do when we are done.

Throw everything away where it goes!

Be sure to recycle any material you can, you never know when it will be useful to make an invention or a video.  –  Ask your family or school to buy different trash cans to place plastic, glass, and waste in separate containers (thats also recycling!)  – Minimize your waste, buy a thermos and refill that everyday with clean water. It is a lot better than buying and throwing away water bottles every day.  –   Ask for paper bags at stores instead of plastic bags.  –  If you see any trash pick it up!  –  Ride bike to school once a month to reduce air pollution. 

And lastly, you are a Planet Patrol, if you see anyone throwing trash where it does not belong.. teach them where it belongs! It is your duty to teach them why littering is bad, where it our trash ends up, and where to correctly throw it!

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