We need fish!


Unfortunately overfishing has a variety of impacts on the oceans ecosystem. To IMG_1418
begin, overfishing is when more fish are caught faster than they could replace themselves.

Now are you ready for this number? An estimate of around IMG_1434fish are caught each year. Thats 2.0 trillion less fish in our ocean. Each. Year.

We are not only finishing with fish species leaving many endangered such as blue fin tuna and groupers, but we are also ruining the balance in the ecosystem. Smaller marine species from the bottom of the food chain are increasing because there arenot large fish to eat them, causing an imbalance in the food chain. This is a threat to coral reefs as well because there is a growth increase of algae that takes over the reefs.

Do you remember bycatch? Those large nets that boats throw in the ocean don’t only catch the intended fish but they accidentally catch other marine species such as sharks, turtles, dolphins rays..  Bycatch in fishing puts other species at risk when they aren’t supposed to even be involved!


Fish is part of our diets so since some of you are still going to purchase fish, the best thing you can do is learn where.

Buy your seafood it from local markets.

Local fisheries do not get their fish from large nets holding thousands of fish from and get it shipped across the world, they get local fish from the nearest oceans. Making the fish caught in a sustainable way as well as ensuring the freshness of the fish since it is caught locally. Double win!