Hurricanes x Climate Change


The warmer the oceans surface the more momentum hurricanes get. It increases their speed and accelerates the winds mph. So now we know raised water temperaturesgives the hurricanes more speed, which creates more destruction in houses, knocks downmore trees, blows out more power lines, lifts roofs, etc. Horrible we know, but whats worse is that the effects of raised water temperature on hurricanes doesn’t stop there.

Hurricanes are also powered by the evaporation of sea water, which as we know and Kerry Emanuel a professor at MIT stated, water evaporates faster from a hot surface than a cold surface. Now what does this evaporated water do? It fills the hurricanes clouds with more and more moisture until BOOM; a catastrophic amount of rain is falling over the land the hurricane hits. The excess in rainfall creates flooding in communities ruining anything made of wood, ruining living rooms, ruining cars, ruining homes!

UnknownThe flooding is also backed up the storm surges that are brought in by the hurricanes windspeed and power which bring up the sea leve higher than usual, and we know that the sea level in general has also been rising due to glaciers, ice caps, etc melting… thanks to who? the waters temperature increasing! and the water temperature has increased thanks to who? climate change! You can click here to read more about human driven climate change.


Enough with the bad news! This is just so you can understand that human driven climate change is having a real impact on us and our future and is affecting us in a negative manner where its not only dangerous for the course of life on the planet but it is dangerous in a way that it has become life threatening in certain areas!

Just reading this whole rant is enough for you to be considered a Planet Patrol in our eyes, which means you have the power to be part of a change and do actions that can prevent this from affecting your future kids and grandkids.

Walk to work or to the grocery store once a week to reduce your carbon footprint and car usage, buy sustainable products from local markets (which are also usually organic and better for your health), turn off the lights every time you leave your home,